Increase your car's horsepower both mechanically and chemically

Increase your car’s horsepower both mechanically and chemically

Sometimes you feel itching to improve your car’s performance. Sometimes you have to because of engine and transmission wear and mileage issues. The following tips cover what to do in your car’s Hot Rod, plus new products that end wear and mileage power loss problems, to restore your car’s lost power and extend your vehicle’s life and reliability.

Let’s consider 4 ways to improve the power of your cars.

  1. One way to dramatically increase energy By adding one or more special power optimization devices. One such device is called the Race Engine Cam. This inboard engine device replaces the factory original cam, and allows more fuel to enter the combustion cycle – thus producing more horsepower. You can select the amount of power improvement from the catalog menu. The price range is around $450.
  2. Another great power booster It’s called a supercharger. In my $3,500-plus price range. This extra device is a special fan or pump made to force twice as much fuel and air into the engine – for massive power to improve gain. Both a racing cam and a supercharger are usually installed to maximize power and develop speed.
  3. Many new cars Superchargers installed at the factory. For motor racing, of course, race car owners add the aforementioned items, as a route to more power-increasing advantages. But look out for new and used cars equipped with a factory supercharger. Think of a “hot factory factory”. Check the brand of car you’re considering buying by searching Internet forums for passive talk, so you don’t buy a troublesome model. It adds about $2,500 to the price of the car or more.
  4. Use of a new breed of additives of Mega Power to restore horsepower lost due to wear and debris. Many instances of corrosion and residue in the engine and transmission, occur halfway through the life of a vehicle. When the engine starts to lose horsepower and performance, Mega Power is what many smart car owners have used to restore power to their cars. Mega Power is installed in newer cars to keep them fresh indefinitely.

Your driveway and your vehicle may be showing one sign of wear and early stage power loss is on the rise. Early signs of wear include oil drips on your driveway. Other signs include your car’s engine exhaust. When the pistons suck in the engine oil, they burn it and let out a little smoke. Your engine oil level will drop by a liter or two between oil changes. Blowby, a term for combustion escape, fumes are present.

Other signs that the engine noise will increase. Tapping adhesive valves and valve lifters is common. Looks like the hammer is loose in your engine. The transmission will shift harder or slower. These are all signs that a product called Mega Power is wearing out. Mega Power works equally well for ending transmission problems, too. These conditions prevent full energy development.

As wear increases, friction and friction absorb forces that are used to add to your vehicle’s performance and smoothness. Every sign shows that an expensive overhaul will soon be required to solve the problem. The overhaul will cost more than $3,000. And this is where Mega Power is called upon to help avoid or postpone this need for several more years. Mega Power is not that expensive. About $150, and it’s an option chosen by thousands of car owners. Cheaper if you install it yourself. It’s easy to do.

How Mega Power boosts octane. Octane Boost is a caustic additive that gives fuel a boost. It’s not good for today’s engines. Mega Power restores lost horsepower to your engine by eliminating friction wear problems and stealing residual energy. 6 Elements is called out and listed as a complete Mega Power engine cure. 3 items are installed to clean the upper engine and release rings, valves and other components. 3 To clean the lower engine of the lubrication system.

While most additives are solvent cleaner, which is harmful to today’s engines, or thick as molasses and can block oil delivery, Mega Power is a thin, corrosive substance that can go where oil, even synthetic oils, can’t. Unnecessarily, low residual power problems.

This treatment also includes MC+ friction reducing agents to restore lost energy in your engine. After cleaning and editing conditioners, MC+ smooths rough wear, heavy friction, piston, bearing, valve and gear surfaces. MC+ then adds a slippery protective coating that fills in your vehicle’s worn-out wipers. It’s all a complex, high-tech alchemy of restoring your past cars like new power and zip. Yet it is easy to install. Anyone can install the product. Command then does the actual restore.


Sometimes you feel itching to improve your cars performance. Sometimes you have too because he needs a little help. See your local mechanic for local advice on Hot Rod type improvements and tips. For more information on the Mega Power engine and transmission handling, see the links below.

I hope all of this helps you gain new or lost horsepower, and get better running cars, equipment, and RV’s…by adding to your knowledge and driving pleasure…George

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